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New Employee Trends following the Pandemic

26 August 2021

As some countries begin to re-enter their workplaces, researchers have found a common trend amongst employees. Economists are coining the term the “Great Resignation”. This refers to large amounts of employees quitting their current roles in search of new positions that provide them with greater fulfillment.

In America, a recently published statistic uncovered that 48% of America’s working population are currently keeping an eye out for opportunities or actively searching for new jobs.

As employers how do you retain your employees?
In short, you create the ultimate employee experience, investing time and energy into your staff. The “Great Resignation” can be likened to the scenario that amongst businesses, leaders are often willing to personalise their products or services to suit their clients’, however, very rarely do leaders consider personalising their employee experience in the workplace.

Leaders and Management – to ensure you maintain employee retention, it is important to invest time into your people, learn who they are, personalise their experience and create an employee-focussed culture of work.

Read further about the Great Resignation in the original article here. CRCPG have populated our article based on the original.

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