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Be Part of the Solution for the Growing Gap in Project Management

27 July 2017

The gap is widening between the employers’ need for skilled project management, and the availability of skilled professionals that can fill the roles. Not only is this attributed to the dramatic increase of the number of jobs requiring specific skills, but the retirement rate and the significant demand in project talent.

These are driving the industry towards an increase in independent project managers over the next 5 years, as dedicated practitioners are struggling to hire the right mix of technical and leadership skills, alongside strategic business management.

It can be seen that too many organisations have little centralised control in their offices, especially in the handling of landlords, designers, architects, builders and construction managers.

As it has been found that project managers contribute to national productivity and supports the GDP which links to the standard of living, it is important to find a solution for the growing gap that is occurring.

Analysis concurred that the lack of future practitioners has far exceeded expectations, originally concluding that project related jobs would exceed 52.4 million by the year 2020. By the start of 2017, this was already exceeded, reaching 66 million.

Becoming a project professional can be done through a number of pathways, and now is the time to approach it. It needs to start with organisations, especially with a projected 2.2 million new project oriented roles needing to be filled annually until 2027.

There is an evident need for solutions to be implemented across the board. In our industry tier, it can start with single providers being made responsible for your real estate, project management, design and construction facility management.

This will not only heighten the level of commitment by each project, but will allow you to have focussed and direct avenues of business. This can be seen as a single point of accountability, so you can have peace of mind and a trusted partner to manage all these business-critical functions.

It can also lead to future job development, and a more structured business model, directly aiding the industry and assisting the solidity of national growth. This can be done through strategy and action, ensuring that you have relevant opportunities to the skills and knowledge that you are able to supply.

To put in place a workplace strategy, or to find methods of project management that are best suited to development within construction, get in touch with CR Commercial Property Group.

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