Commodity Inspection Services

Premises: Sinnamon Park, Brisbane

Size: 2,671 sq ft

Timescale: 6 months


Client Background

Commodity Inspection Services (“CIS”) provides independent inspection, laboratory analysis and certi-fication services to the agricultural industry. They offer specialised and reliable support from producer to consumer, exporter to importer.

They work with an extensive range of commodities and consumer products and have a special focus on protein meals, seed and grain, and fats and oils. CIS cater to producers and consumers, exporters and importers who want independent testing, inspection and certification services. Their management team has extensive experience across all agricultural commodities and provides dedicated support and personalised advice tailored to their client’s needs.

Points of Note

CR Commercial Property Group have worked with CIS in Sydney, Melbourne and most recently creat-ing their new laboratory in Brisbane. As a result, they now have a purpose built agri-commodities testing laboratory that is NATA accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

One of the major services provided by CR Commercial Property Group was the search for the most appropriate site which was not only zoned correctly for the usage but also locationallly was suitable for their core business. Lease negotiations were intense but the right result was achieved with direct liai-son between CRCPG and the Landlord.

As the CIS business had grown, the volume of agri-commodity quality testing they did daily had steadi-ly increased. Due to this growth CIS needed much more laboratory space. Not only is the area of the new laboratory more than double that of the previous one, but the space has also been customised so that it is more efficient. This has allowed CIS to install new equipment to expand their range of analyti-cal testing, increase the efficiency of our work and introduce even more rigorous quality control.

All in all, it was a tremendous team effort with CR travelling to Brisbane regularly to assist Commodity Inspection Services’ (CIS). Their brand new laboratory was fully operational by the 1st of January 2016. Enjoying the purpose-built fitout of the laboratory has been a great new chapter as CIS enter a new era in a state-of-the-art facility.

Client Comment

“Thank you! You’ve been so supportive over the years it is difficult to put a price on the work you’ve done for us, not to mention that I’ve learnt so much in working with you. I am conscious of how hard it was for you guys given the specific requirement we had but you never gave up and just kept it positive and moving forward. For that I’m very grateful. The staff are very happy and you can see from the photos the other day that we are up and operational and running fully.”

Scope of Works

Premises selection

Lease negotiations includ-ing Heads of Agreement, Lease and all incentives

Space Planning and design consultancy

Workplace Strategy

Project Management

Data and cabling and comms requirements

Air conditioning modifica-tions

Electrical modifications


Partitioning and doors

Specialist security