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What makes our tenant advisory service different?

CR Commercial Property Group is built on expert knowledge of the property market, strong management, financial strength and stability. The team, led by Managing Director Nicole Duncan, is passionate about understanding clients’ needs.

Launched in 1987 we were one of the first companies to receive the new licence required by the Department of Fair Trading to act as an organisation’s independent in-house property expert. We are totally independent from agents and landlords.

We are personable and easily accessible at all times and we enter every project with a no-compromise spirit of excellence, attention to detail and zero tolerance of defects.

The team is focused on designing and delivering work environments which are conducive to improving productivity for clients.

The most rewarding part of our job is happy clients. If we are able to help a client achieve success in their property dreams, then we are satisfied with a job well done. We will follow the most demanding client briefs to help you achieve financial success in your property decisions.

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Our team is made up of professional, experienced tenant advisory specialists, who are ready to make an impact on your next commercial property decision. If you require commercial tenant representation in the Sydney area, please do not hesitate to contact us.