The Post COVID-19 Workplace (Coworking)

Cracking the Coworking Code

9 October 2019

Once upon a time, ‘going to the office’ and ‘going to work’ meant the same thing. These days, ‘working’ blends more seamlessly into our lives. ‘Working’ might be a laptop at a café table, a walking meeting in a park, or one hand on a keyboard and the other rocking the baby to sleep.

Little wonder that the concept of the flexible office has taken off, with growth in coworking space in the Sydney CBD alone sitting at an average annual rate of 30% from 2015 to 2019. Flexible space – particularly for small to medium sized companies – allows you to accommodate different staff and team needs, access reliable services and support, and pay only for what you actually use.

Navigating your way through such a new and dynamic offering, however, can be challenging, especially as the array of providers are now so vast. Currently, there are at least 15 different coworking companies that manage spaces in Australia, ranging in overall size from 2,000 sqm up. From one provider you’ll receive free internet and a bottomless supply of soft drink, from another, you’ll get networking evenings and quiet bunks for napping. A barista and a fruit bowl? Noise cancelling headphones and yoga classes? It makes the ye olde choice of parking spaces and elevator reliability seem simple.

The truth is, the workplace has changed.

Employers need to take responsibility for providing a healthy, constructive, well-resourced office, yet also trust staff to be productive wherever they are. It’s no longer about hours worked, it’s about what is achieved.
So what makes your office work?

Through CRCPG you can confidently access independent, up-to-date advice on what co-working space is available in the market and which providers are best aligned to your business. Eastern seaboard office space is definitely at a premium at the moment, but the rapid expansion of the co-working sector means there are opportunities to find good value and the perfect mix of location, adaptability, services and inclusivity.
Let us find your perfect office match!

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