CR Commercial Property Group considers design solutions that not only support employees with private and agile planned areas, but also empower them to work in a style suitable for both the individual and the workgroup they belong to.

We involve all levels and functions within your organisation – from senior management in setting goals and driving change, through to people and culture in order to manage the fear of change.

As the nature of work changes, the workplace is changing with it. Long-term trends point to more and more employees working from home, working from the road, working on flexible schedules and working in teams and task forces – all enabled by rapidly advancing technology.

In light of these trends, companies are finding that traditional workplaces need serious rethinking.

CR Commercial Property Group are in the forefront of the planning and development of alternative workplace design and strategies that are more in keeping with the way business is done today.

The goal is to simultaneously increase productivity, reduce real estate expenses, and create an environment where valuable employees can thrive.

Design Boards

It is our job to know what looks good and we take that responsibility seriously. Words fail miserably when trying to translate design concepts. What one person calls “edgy” another might see as chaotic.

Our design boards are a way for us to collect different creative information. It is a segue between initial thoughts or a meeting and the first draft of a project. The mood board enables our client to see the design direction we are moving towards and to approve the initial concept.

A design board in the physical sense looks like a collage of images, style of furniture and colour schemes, textures, compositions, lighting – everything that inspires an idea.

Every designer can attest to the client that they just can’t picture what the client is describing to them when brainstorming, but creating mood boards up front before getting into designing anything can help prevent these misunderstandings and save a lot of time. The client can see and approve the direction and can provide valuable feedback.


We are proud to announce that one of our recently completed projects, has been placed as a finalist in the State award for the 2017 State Development of the Year and the National award for the Best Workplace Project in the Property Council of Australia and Rider Levett Bucknall’s Innovation & Excellence Awards.