Environmental Initiative

CRCPG’s Environmental Sustainability Policy

CRCPG is committed to accomplish its environmental responsibility towards staff, clients and subcontractors by:

  • Seeking continual environmental improvement and set an example of leadership in the field of environmental management and education for sustainability;
  • Practicing green knowledge and skills in the design stage of our projects;
  • We enable our clients to reduce the environmental impact of their business activities and improve environmental efficiency with advanced technologies and solutions;
  • Incorporating best practice environment management into our business and demonstrate environmentally sustainable work practices to the industry and our clients;
  • We proactively promote environmentally conscious business activities to help the environment and economy coexist harmoniously;
  • We are committed to conserving energy and natural resources and, practice the 3Rs approach (reduce, reuse and recycle);
  • We seek to reduce risks to human health and the environment from the use to chemical substances and waste;
  • Demonstrating continual improvement in reducing our carbon footprint and lead by example in sustainable water and energy use, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimise waste generation and increasing recycling within our business;
  • Work to prevent pollution and minimise adverse environmental impacts of our activities through the selection and use of appropriate materials, processes, equipment and services; and
  • Ensuring all our activities comply with all relevant environmental laws and policies;


At CRCPG we aim to reduce the environmental impact of our own operations whilst at the same time continue to strive towards the maximum beneficial environmental impact possible from the services that we provide.