Introducing the role of Superintendent

Introducing the role of Superintendent

6 August 2019

Does a project ever run ‘On Time’?

There is more story-telling mileage in project failure than success. Compare the media’s coverage of the never-ending light rail project in Sydney to, for example, the smooth switch made to the city-wide Opal Card system. Human nature just seems to take more interest in failure to reach a target than success.

But success is possible. There are projects that do run on time.  There are even projects that run on time and on budget!

The role of an independent Superintendent overseeing a project, provides clients the confidence and peace of minds to help realise these outcomes. Drawing together project knowledge, business and property experience, the independent Superintendent becomes the client’s professional ‘eyes and ears’ on the ground, appointing and liaising with contractors, monitoring progress and making schedule adjustments as necessary to remain on target, dealing with ‘surprises’, and securing any necessary licenses, permits and certification.

Whilst a Superintendent may be appointed to act by either a landlord or a tenant, the role’s obligations start with conferring with all parties to the project in order to set goals that are both realistic and ambitious, and securing everyone’s commitment to time and budget.

To put it bluntly, client or landlord, you are not at ground zero. You have a business to manage; office fitout is a distraction. The Superintendent becomes the ‘you’ that would love to be there – but with more experience, more knowledge and better industry contacts. Independent and accountable.

You know those projects that do succeed? We do.

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