Is your workplace ready for 2022?

Is your workplace ready for 2022?

15 October 2017

Are you future-proofed? Colliers International recently released its global workplace trends report, Five shifts companies must make in the next five years — a result of a year-long collaboration between Colliers Workplace experts. Here are five key shifts that will rock our workplaces leading to 2022:

Employees will be at the core of business strategies

Environments that bring out the best in employees will be crucial to business success. According to a study completed by the Harvard Business Report, three-quarters of employees are not engaged. In business, we talk a lot about the ‘customer experience,’ but what about creating a superior ‘employee experience’? Think interesting seminars, fitness classes, organising spontaneous moments like easter hunts and Santa visits at Christmas. But what about 2022? The global workplace trends report suggests that corporations will eventually introduce the position of a Chief Experience Officer (CXO). Their main responsibility will be to develop and foster a workplace that is employee focused.

So… ‘bring a kitten to work’ day is going to increase productivity, right?

Millennials will introduce the ‘Internet of Workplace’

Businesses will need to start to integrate this sophisticated technology into the workplace (and no, I’m not talking about upgrading your Nespresso machine). By 2022, Generation Z will make up your entry-level employees while millennials will occupy a significant portion of middle-management and key decision making positions. Think personalised workstations, facial recognition and smartphone integration, virtual concierges, and state-of-the-art meeting rooms. Additionally, with automation currently impacting businesses, the report further urges companies to compose strategies to tackle this hurdle.

Q: How did the hipster burn his tongue? A: He drank his coffee before it was cool.

Workplaces will be healthier

Wellbeing is becoming an important aspect of the workplace — both physically and mentally. With workstations now including stand-up desks and ergonomic seats, its prominence is clear. Furthermore, we are seeing more corporations providing their employees with fitness memberships and complimentary lunches. However, the global workplace trends report predicts that the physical design of workspaces will be one of the main focuses when it comes to wellbeing. According to Human Spaces, employee wellbeing and productivity can be increased up to 13 per cent in response to the presence of natural elements in the workplace — something we discussed in our previous blog. Another area that the report predicts is the blend of technology and wellbeing. Imagine if employees are provided with fitness wearables. Companies could then analyse the vitals of their employees including their heart rate, stress levels and whether they’re moving enough.

When Sharon encourages the entire accounting department to participate in ‘Steptember’.

Coworking spaces will become the norm

The concept of ‘coworking spaces’ are becoming widely accepted — particularly for coolcats like millennial startups and freelancing creatives. According to Small Business, by 2020, there will be 26,000 coworking locations with 3.8 million members. Interestingly, the report explains that larger, multinational corporations are starting to move employees to co-working spaces and eventually will take on flexible workspaces to offer to clients.

How I feel when my boss tells me I’m moving to a co-working office.

Become agile, or be left behind

Heading into 2022, business owners will need to rethink their workforce — enter the #trending term, ‘agile structures.’ This idea of working focuses primarily on flexibility, collaboration and viability. According to the report, the idea of agile working “embraces change, which contradicts the traditional project approach in which teams define detailed specifications and create formal processes that largely seek to avoid change.” Ultimately, it’s the team’s needs at the central focus of a workplace, rather than the individual.

There’s no I in team, but there is in pizza!

Want to know more? I encourage you to read the full report here. 2022 seems a few years away, but there’s no harm in considering how you can start to implement these progressive shifts now. Talk to us today and see how CRCPG can help.

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