Reduce Your Fitout Costs

Office Fitout Disasters and How to Avoid Them

5 May 2017

Leading organisations are increasingly recognising that their employees are their single greatest asset. They understand that a good quality working environment is a key ingredient in attracting and retaining talented staff.

Research has shown that increased standards of design can have a substantial positive effect upon the productivity of the occupiers of workplaces — not to mention greater employee satisfaction. People who work in well designed, well located workplaces naturally feel more valued as an employee and as a result, are more productive and less likely to be thinking of switching companies.

If planned, budgeted and managed correctly there is evidence that a good fitout can dramatically improve operational efficiency, enhance corporate image and competitive advantage and increase your client base. Unfortunately, for every business that gets a good fitout, there is another company that does not.

Read on to find a list of the most common mistakes that companies make when trying to manage the process without a professional that can manage the entire project on their behalf…

  1. Attempting to fit-out without a clear project brief
  2. Biting off more than you can chew
  3. Flying solo
  4. Assuming that all fit-out partners are the same
  5. Being seduced by cheap sales tactics
  6. Believing your fit-out partner’s choice of sub-contractors will have no impact on the project
  7. Believing that an investment in a Workplace Audit will be a waste of time and money
  8. Selecting the wrong building
  9. Believing that building surveys are not worth the paper they are written on
  10. Failing to consider green issues
  11. Designing your offices for the business you have today, not the one you want tomorrow
  12. Thinking that improving the workplace will make no difference to productivity or staff efficiency
  13. Expecting the power supplies granted to you by the Landlord will meet your requirements
  14. Losing control of the budget
  15. Expecting that senior management and staff will understand and agree with every aspect of the project
  16. Assuming your new landlord will just ignore dilapidations as a gesture of goodwill
  17. Allowing the comms room to be an afterthought
  18. Expecting that the new era of digital telecommunications will mean phone lines and broadband can be installed within hours of placing an order
  19. Concluding that ergonomic desks and chairs will make the staff too cosy, comfortable and inefficient
  20. Selecting end of line furniture ranges to make sure you get the best deals – you can always mix and match later for a nice mosaic look
  21. Taking no interest in storage requirements
  22. Treating tax as an after-thought
  23. Taking for granted that you are fully insured every step of the way through a project
  24. Avoiding taking any responsibility for health and safety matters, and hoping that the OH&S will not interfere.
  25. Disregarding the need to look after staff welfare and well-being
  26. Pretending that the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) does not exist or affect your business
  27. Thinking that vacating your existing premises is as simple as slamming the door and putting the key back through the letter box
  28. Assuming the physical move is best controlled by you
  29. Believing that drafting your own fit-out contract offers the best protection
  30. Taking for granted that most of the companies which share your office building will always be supportive, considerate and co-operative
  31. Taking your landlord for granted
  32. Ignoring statutory and other approvals until after the project has been completed
  33. Taking a back seat once the project goes live
  34. Accepting defects and snagging issues at the end of the contract
  35. Thinking it’s all over, but…..
  36. Failing to appoint CRCPG – Australia’s No. 1 Trusted Project Manager for Office Fitouts and Designs.

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Reduce Your Fitout Costs

Reduce Your Fitout Costs

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