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Retaining and Attracting Employees Back into the Office – What do they want?

What do employees want now in the new, post-Covid workplace? From a survey of 5000 people from around the world, a summary of the key findings follow:

  1. Hybrid Collaboration – 70% say collaboration spaces are more important than ever;
  2. Improved technology – 66% of employees want better and easier tech hook-ups for remote meetings;
  3. Privacy – 62% of people who’ve returned to the office say privacy remains more important now that before the pandemic. Privacy to them = comfort; and
  4. Noise – 73% said that a space that is too open can be too loud and limits what they want to say and do.

Which would you Choose: Assigned Desk or Remote Work?

Employee’s desire for an assigned workspace is probably surprising news for organizations who thought they were giving people what they want by offering more hybrid options. But having a place to call home within the office signals to people they belong and also gives them the latitude to personalize the space and make it their own, which is more important than many leaders realize.

Noteworthy: Of the 11 countries surveyed, only workers in Australia, Canada and the UK prefer more work from home over an assigned workspace.


Source: Cushman & Wakefield PLC

In essence, companies must entice staff back, not coerce them back to the office.

Overall, studies show that most employees produce their best work when in the office, but research also indicates that it will take a more creative, inclusive and supportive workplace to attract people back, as well as retain their talent.

The requirements of each organisation and culture and capital city are showing different wants and needs. We are keeping well up to date with the latest research and it is a core part of our services to our clients to guide and advise them through these very changeable times.

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