Project Superintendent

CRCPG developed its unique Project Superintendent program through years of experience in the industry. We have extensive knowledge of project commercial property and the design and construction industry, allowing us to manage the entire project cycle. Our leadership skills are superior when managing a variety of stakeholders, creating schedules and planning all aspects of a project, both technically and practically.

Our main role is to be the independent and accountable resource by:

  • Conferring with other supervisors and gathering information about all aspects of the project in order to get a firm understanding of progress;
  • Relay information to supervisors clearly and quickly for them to adjust in any area of the construction;
  • Create a plan before the project construction begins, taking all aspects into consideration, hiring necessary contractors and overlooking blueprints;
  • Design a schedule for the project, ensuring it is both reasonable and ambitious, then taking measures to keep the project on schedule;
  • Ensure necessary permits and licenses are in place prior to the beginning of the project and foresee any other legal and certification requirements; and
  • Meet with clients, providing them with information about the progress of the project, taking measures to quell any concerns, answer inquiries and give updated schedules.

The Project Superintendent was developed following the evolution of common, but critical, pain points in projects. Be it disagreements between the Landlord, contractors and/or builders; project management discrepancies; architects/designers’ inconsistencies; and resulting in a constant problem of no one wanting to be accountable for their mistake or providing a cost-effective solution.