Project Management for the Tenant

The visualization, planning, design, construction, fitting out of your companies new workspace is not something you should undertake alone. Our team is your assurance that it happens in a creative, timely, cost-effective way.

We manage the entire process advising on all issues of program, feasibility and test-fits during site selection. We make sure you get the workplace environment you pay for, and that you expect, by taking complete control of the following:

Workplace Strategy – we develop the program, advise you on your options, explore and plan workplace strategies whilst developing schemes that support your business objectives.

Tenant Project Management and Office Fitouts Team – we manage the engagement of designers, contractors, voice/data suppliers, workstation, furniture and all other aspects of fit out companies.
Working efficiently, we will design a seamless project, where every element works together to create something brilliant.

Budget – we take charge of projecting/controlling spending for your project, proactively advising you on issues and creating savings that often exceed our fees.

Schedule/Programme – we oversee the entire office fit out project programme, informing you of key dates, keeping design, construction and vendor processes running in a timely fashion. Working with all stakeholders, we will ensure the project is completed on time and in as efficient a manner as possible, so you can get back to business.

Design/Construction – we oversee the process to assure that the team works toward common goals to deliver the perfect outcome for your project.

Coordinate Installation – we manage/schedule all owner-controlled vendors, coordinate with the contractor on site to assure seamless deliveries and installs.

Relocation Management – we implement your entire move, plan the transition, coordinate internal committees, hire the mover and provide 24/7 move coordination so your company keeps working with as few distractions as possible

Our unique project management services represent ONLY the tenant, not the builder, Landlord or Agents. It is what makes us different to the competition.

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"Thank you so much for your assistance and your complete professionalism throughout, it has been great working with you and I really appreciate what you have done for us. We would have been lost without your support."

− Peter Perry, Chief Executive Officer of Spinal Cord Injuries Australia

"Sincere thanks and congratulations to each of you who have invested much effort and shown fantastic professionalism to achieve this significant outcome."

− Matthew Thomas, Managing Director and CEO of Collection House

"Thank you for your assistance with ensuring that the outstanding works were completed in time for our seminar. Greatly appreciated. I'm still impressed with how smoothly our move was and our staff were immediately productive. I'll gladly be a reference for any prospective clients."

− Anthony Nadalini, Director of Revolution Software Services