Employers Market

The Pendulum Will Swing Back To An Employers Market But What Will You Do Until Then?

Given the low unemployment rate of 3.5%; the cost of living, the inflation rate and the economy, the current environment is creating an employees’ market. Employees are dictating how they work, when they work and whom they work for.

Companies that don’t have flexible working policies are not attracting or retaining employees like they used to.

This is not to say that it will not return to an employer’s market in the next 2-3 years, but how do corporations plan for the future and manage their workspace requirements and working environment until that pendulum swings back.

We are conducting Workplace Strategy workshops and surveys for a lot of our clients so they are better informed about the new flexible ways of working ensuring their workplace is working as hard, humanly, and efficiently as possible.

We are currently providing a workplace strategy which includes:

  • New Ways of Working Presentation
  • Briefing Workshops and interviews
  • Specific curated surveys
  • High level functional needs
  • Report and recommendation


Please be in touch should you wish to know more.

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