The Phenomenon of Working from Home is Starting to See Some Shifts

The Phenomenon of Working from Home is Starting to See Some Shifts

Following Elon Musk’s statement last week ordering his Tesla office employees back to work and Zoom shares slumping more than 80% recently, the experience of working from home might be seeing some dramatic changes.

Senior leaders are thinking that as their leases come to an end, downsizing would be a good solution for the bottom line. But are they missing something much bigger in the picture?

It’s a fact – some employees love working from home in their trackie dacks, logging into a Zoom or Teams meetings, not having to show their face, having saved their time and their money getting to work for the organisations that employ them.

Data is showing that ambitious, intelligent, hard-working and creative people will return to the office as their preferred choice from now on. Those individuals want to understand the culture of the company they work for; they want to collaborate; they want to be noticed by their mentors for promotions… Smart!

CR believe these forethinking employees will they be the winners in the next two to three years. Those organisations that create the best office environments to entice this calibre of employee will be in a great position to benefit from their talent…

Be in the position to attract them – Our Workplace Strategy can enlighten senior management on the latest data.

Source: Adam Schwab is an author and co-founder of global travel business Luxury Escapes

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