The Post COVID-19 Workplace (Coworking)

The Post COVID-19 Workplace

18 June 2020

Why Do We Need to Return to the Office?

Based on current new data, working from home and collaborating over zoom has its limitations.

Whilst some studies produced some interesting results, we suggest these results be further tested as social interaction in the workplace is critical.

There are a number of announcements stating that “everyone” is going to work from home from now on. We do not believe this is going to be the case once the COVID-19 pandemic settles down.

Eventually, if there are too many people that end up working from home, organisations will erode the very foundations which make up their companies: their people and their culture.

What Does the Workplace Look Like after COVID-19?

We believe the key to organisations office innovation is to be open to iteration.

The ever changing situation demands employer flexibility, agility and resiliency to place your company above other competitive organizations, not only as a provider of choice, but also an employer of choice.

Researched adaption during these difficult times is critical for the future success of companies post COVID-19.

Organisations must be focused on the people that create the work and assisting employees in fostering a healthy work/life balance is going to be key to a successful future office environment.

The Great Work From Home Experiment: Impacts on Work Life Balance

As said, “sometimes it takes a crisis for us to realise that we’re already living in a different world”.

We have all struggled with the challenge of what work is; what life is; and where they separate. This pandemic has rapidly brought 2030 forward to 2020.

A new work format is here to stay. Its exact format is to be determined based on workshops with CRCPG, your company and international design feedback.

Managing this “new normal” via office design will become key in differentiating between a workplace focused on employee well-being, overall productivity, and/or a mixture of both.

Without “in-person” workplace interaction, businesses will further age our already mature workforce.

Supportive, focused mentoring is critical to organisations’ culture and overall succession planning.

The Critical Return: Balancing Safety with the Inspiration

Naturally, the health and safety of organisations people must be front and centre of any new fitout.

CRCPG will assist in moving past this phase and engineering solutions to protect your people. The new fitout must take into account the personal wellbeing of your staff. This includes: cognitive, social, physical and emotional elements.

This will be achieved by CRCPG asking ‘the whys’ and ‘the whats’.

  • ‘Why’ is it important at all to come to work;
  • ‘Why’ is connection important; and
  • ‘What’ will those environments look like.


At some point we will move past the virus centric solutions and have to think about human centric solutions as it is the intelligent method of progression.

What Unique Opportunities do Designers Have in this Moment?

CRCPG, working with a preferred designer, are at the forefront of new office design post COVID-19.

With the ever growing list of new variables never previously considered in office design, designers are beginning to focus on ‘how’.

What is the key to ‘how’ organisations move past this phase?

  • ‘How’ do we encourage staff productivity?
  • ‘How’ do we encourage company culture?
  • ‘How’ do we continue to mentor our staff?
  • ‘How’ do we encourage employee succession?


CRCPG would be delighted to assist you in designing and maximising your workplace as we enter the “new normal”!

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