The sleeping GIANT is waking up……just in time for 2019

The sleeping GIANT is waking up…just in time for 2019

11 February 2019

The amount of commercial office space for lease is tightening up before our eyes, especially in Sydney and Melbourne. We believe it will continue to do so until approximately 2021.

As a result, large corporates are starting to twig to the coworking trend as a smart alternative to the traditional office leasing experience. The Executive Management Teams of listed companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Domain are all starting to trial leasing space with the most suitable coworking partner.

Coworking spaces used to be for 1-10 people, now you are finding organizations with 100+ employees are taking up their own individual premises within a coworking environment.

Reason? Simply – there is far more agility with the Lease and the terms, the areas contracting and expanding and flexible fit out options. Companies do not need to be fixed to long leases as required under the traditional office leasing model. Fit out costs can be avoided as can make good expenses.

According to CBRE’s Pacific Corporate Coworking Survey, nearly 75% of clients, occupying 3,000 square metres or more, plan to cut their traditional leases in favour of coworking spaces in the future.

So, if big business is getting involved, who makes all the deals on their behalf? There are so many different operators in the coworking space, you need to know who does what and which Co Working Partner will best suit your needs.

You would normally use brokers/advisors in industries including finance, insurance and private real estate, so why would coworking be any different?

In the case of coworking, a broker can match the right coworking partner for you – whether it be WeWork, The Executive Centre, Regus or Whatso just to name a few. Each coworking operator
has different benefits and alternative working solutions and financial packages.

At CoWorkAvenue, we find our clients the perfect match with a coworking operator in any major Australian city. We consider the benefits and styles of each coworking space to make sure it’s the right fit, and work closely with our clients during the entire process. We arrange site tours and negotiate the financial package on our client’s behalf and it costs you nothing!

If you are a large enterprise looking for 1000 square metres of space for a set period, we are ready to find you a more flexible coworking premises solution. Relax – we’ve got this!

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