Workplace Strategy & Minimising Risks

Workplace Strategy & Minimising Risks

4 September 2019

Changing premises is a major event in the life of an organisation. Your team may appreciate being involved throughout the process but this needs to be managed very carefully. The old saying “too many chefs stirring the broth’’ can cause issues and risks you never saw coming. Knowing your needs and preferences and managing the internal politics is essential. The process needs to be carefully considered with senior management as it is an art to get it right and relevant to each organisation. It is a learned exercise – built only from experience.

CRCPG’s workplace strategy team works with you to understand both the culture of your organisation and the day-to-day operational objectives. Through observation and discussions, they ascertain how workspace is currently allocated, and how teams interact internally and with clients and suppliers.

Is space used efficiently, and are there savings to be made?

The briefing document prepared forms the basis of sit and fitout recommendations as it features an analysis of business flows, including:

  • IT issues
  • Individual and collaborative space needs, and;
  • Visitor accommodation.


CRCPG have 25 years of managing change, churn and briefing staff with their presentations. They take the fear out of change and manage the whole process from workplace strategy through to relocation to your new offices. We co-ordinate the entire process with staff from inception to completion by:

  • Giving you confidence that the property is ready on schedule
  • Securing permits and licenses
  • Liaising with service and installation providers
  • Appointing a mover and;
  • Providing 24-hour support to minimise business disruption.


Our goal?

Feet under desks and coffee brewing with no down time and no loss of income.

The Post COVID-19 Workplace (Coworking)

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