Client Background

As a dominate competitor in their field, this high-end residential firm continues to progress, along with the current fast developing high-tech market, by implementing innovative technology as the core basis of their new brand. Their business revolutionises the way clients are able to buy and purchase property by aligning the most appropriate agents through these smart services which in turn, increases productivity and client satisfaction.Morrow

Points of Note

Simultaneously working with this firm across the Trans Tasman, CRCPG were appointed to act as the project superintendent for the duration of their Auckland fitout.

As this firm highly encompasses the use of technology within their practice, CRCPG collaborated with I.T. and AV consultants, architects, designers and furniture suppliers to ensure that the space delivered in Newmarket, Auckland reflected their premium brand. There were intense negotiations and updates with the Landlord as this project was an integrated fitout with all works occurring simultaneously. This required immediate and clear co-ordination of all stakeholders.

Acting as the project superintendent, CRCPG were responsible for selecting and overseeing the entire design team and, the architects and the builder which ensured CRCPG were accountable and responsible for delivering the end result to the client.

The Result

The project was delivered on time and CRCPG were able to create a saving of over $160k on the original budget. CRCPG also actively monitored the construction programme ensuring all communication streams were consistent, ensuring no delays occurred onsite.

Assisting with the successful relocation and make good of their old office, CRCPG were able to relocate the client to their new premises ahead of schedule at the beginning of February 2020. To the satisfaction of the client, CRCPG delivered the construction and fitout project under budget and saved an additional $70k in makegood costs.

AVNU Auckland
  • Morrow Street, Auckland
  • Size: 710 sqm
  • Timescale: 5 Months
  • Scope of Works
  • Lease negotiations
  • Lease Incentives
  • Makegood negotiations
  • Space Planning and Design Consultancy
  • Project Superintendent and Management
  • Furniture, fittings and electrical
  • Construction management
  • Design management
  • IT requirements
  • Data, cabling and comms requirements
  • Relocation management
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